I’m a drummer and percussionist with a 50-year old interest in what is now called World Music. Originally a jazz drummer, my own music has become heavily influenced by Hindustani, Karnatic and West African musics which I studied during some years in India and Ghana. Here is a flattering essay on me and my work by Raul da Gama, Bengt Berger: Percussion – Communion

In my site you will find links to pages about some of the things I am involved in: Indian classical music: My tabla and mridangam teachers and musician friends, soundfiles of my teachers, friends and of myself, scores, press material, things going on at the moment, information about recordings, links to friends etc. I am closely linked to the Country & Eastern label and production company.

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Here I am with some friends of mine.




Contact: Bengt Berger, Tantogatan 41, 118 42 Stockholm, Sweden