1959 -2019 Kjell Westling – Roland Keijser

Posted March 12, 2017

In our teens me and some friends used to gather in the spring to do parades and play at parties during school graduations, mostly dixieland music. There I met Kjell Westling who was famous for being able to play any instrument, sometimes he would go into a music shop on the way to the gig and by a cheap used instrument which he then used that night, it could be anything. He and I got along nicely playing games with the music (play anything in 7/8 or try to put a quote from another piece anywhere in whatever tune was being played etc. When I got interested in Hindustani music he took the bands (or whatever they are called) off a mandola so he could slide on it when we were copying Ali Akbar and Chatur Lal during our daily sessions at his or my home. We played A LOT together.

In 1969 we were asked to join Arbete & Fritid and played together with Roland. From then on we have been playing off and on together, the three of us or any two of us, on a number of occasions until Kjell left this world in 2010, and then, on the eve of January 25, 2019 Roland Keijser peacefully stopped breathing after some months of illness. Our loss is immense.

Here is a newly found video of Roland and Kjell Westling improvising together at ISKRA‘s 20 year celebration at Fasching in Stockholm. They improvise around Tenderly, Halling from Gudbrandsdalen, How Much is that Doggie in the Window och Changs Polska:

Here are som photos from a duo concert that Roland and I did in Gerlesborg.

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