1971 – 74 Fickteatern, Mumlan, Gösta Ekman – theatre work

Posted April 4, 2017

As a final prank on  April 1st 2017 the great Swedish actor and comedian Gösta Ekman died. I had the honour and pleasure to work some with him together with Kjell Westling in TV a children’s series “Mumlan” in 1973. In the year after that our group Spjärnsvallet did the music and played in Gösta’s directing debut as a director at Stadsteatern in “Siden, Sammet, Trasa, Lump”. In both these ventures Gösta collaborated intimately with radar partner Lena Söderblom. Here is the final episode of Mumlan:

During the years before I had played for some of Susanne Osten’s plays with Fickteatern and at Stadsteatern in Kärleksföreställningen and Ge Mig Adressen. Fickteatern did an album, “Allt Växer Till Det Hejdas“, at MNW as well.

Fickteatern became the renowned Unga Klara at Stadsteatern. I did music for Stormen (The Tempest), “R” and Vadoran. Here is the R ensemble with the musicians Jörgen Adolfsson, Ulla Andersson, Lars Hollmer and myself:

The “R” ensemble at Unga Klara 1990

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