1982 Kautokeino

Posted March 24, 2017

Joik – gnauva og tabla møtes i Kautokeino. Opptak fra et musikkseminar i Kautokeino, påsken 1982

Anita Livstrand (of Anitas Livs), Christer Bothén and I received an invitation to go to Kautokeino during easter 1982 to cooperate with some of the greatest northern artists of the day. I think these were some of the first attempt to have a true meeting with music of the northernmost parts of Scandinavia. Berit Elle, Mickel Bongo, Inga Juuso, Nils Alsak Valkeapää (Ailuhas), Ante Somby were some of the artists. It resulted in a concert in Kautokeino and this NRK documentary

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