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Posted February 13, 2017


Enteli – a group of five players, a colourful mixture of Swedish folk musicians and jazz artists who take you on a trip around the world to places you’ve never even dreamt of! Their ship is loaded with exotic spices from the farthest corners of the earth.

Lena Willemark sings folk music and plays traditional tunes on the fiddle while Ale Möller’s bouzouki tells delightful stories in Greek, Russian, Swedish’ Keyboard-player Johan Söderqvist paints rich harmonic backdrops and drummer Bengt Berger weaves rhythmic magic on a wide variety of instruments – including Indian tablas. Jonas Knutsson’s saxophone-playing draws its strength from his native soil, soaring upwards to the realms of Nordic yoik.

Enteli is primarily a live band and the strong visual magnetism of the performers adds an extra dimension to their musical journey. However this in no way prevented their first studio album from becoming a best seller. But the follow-up album, “Enteli live”, really captures the magic of the group on stage.

Here, once again, Enteli takes us on a series of condensed journeys through time and space – as only they know how. The first adventure begins on the edge of the forest one misty morning, but soon we are transported on a tide of free jazz to the wide open spaces of Lapland and the Saami yoik.

The next track takes a short cut through time. It starts with a medieval Nordic ballad, moves on to a fast yoik and winds up with a fusion of world music and jazz triplets flavoured with a mouth-watering mixture of Indian and African spices.

With a suite inspired by Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Enteli then guides us through a broad spectrum of moods which begins hopefully and ends – with new hope.

And so we travel round the world with Enteli. No two journeys are the same, but they have one thing in common – there is always a strong spirit of adventure.

-Swedish Jazz (JS)

enteli was a swedish jazz-folk supergroup during the 90-ties with Bengt Berger, Jonas Knutsson, Ale Möller, Johan Söderqvist and Lena Willemark. We toured a lot, did two cd’s plus the music for a swedish broadcasted version of of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. It is 13 hours long and available on 13 cd’s.
We also did music for a movie, Granskogen i våra hjärtan (1994) with Gunilla Ambjörnsson which included concert footage of Enteli.Here’s the poster and a photo from Moscow and a typical review from one of our concerts – in Swedish


Ale Möller (mandola, luta, bouzouki, trumpet, dragspel,  flöjter, hackbräde, slagverk)
Bengt Berger (tabla och slagverk)
Jonas Knutsson (saxofoner och slagverk)
Johan Söderqvist (klaviatur)
Lena Willemark (sång, fiol, flöjt, slagverk)

We released three albums
1994 Enteli (Phono Suecia, PSCD-77)

1995 Sagan om Ringen (13 CD-box) (SR, SRPROF 637)

1997 Enteli Live (Amigo, AMCD 738)

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