1996 Van Huygens Princip

Posted February 16, 2017

Van Huygen’s Principle In 1996 we did a performance with visible music, that is, we did a theatre play without words inspired by the Dutch 17th century scientist Christiaan Huygens, having a plot, wearing costumes in a scenography (Bengt Carling) with lighting (Torkel Blomqvist) and masks (My Walther) at Theatre Tribunalen in Stockholm. Ivo Nilsson, Bengt Berger, Bosse Skoglund and Roland Keijser, were the musicians. Photos of us Tomas Gidén.

Bosse, Ivo, Beche, Roland (photo by Thomas Gidén)

Birgitta Öhman at Swedish TV did a short feature from the rehearsals

The scenography and some of My Walter’s masks that we used


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