1999 Amigo’s 900-series of Indian Classical Music

Posted April 5, 2017

In the seventies the Swedish Amigo label with producer Jörgen Adolfsson recorded and released LP-albums with some of the giants of Hindustani classical music. In 1999 producer Göran Petersson decided to release some of these recordings on cd adding some of my recordings from the sixties in India. We did it in a very simple manner with artist and album title in the performer’s native tongue on the cover.

Later on, with new modern owners, Amigo decided to destroy all “slow moving items” and I was offered to buy the remaining copies at a decent prize, which I did since the album wasn’t even digitised (and still are not as they did not give me the right to do that). So these cd albums are available for you to buy at the Country & Eastern site.

The great maestros are Ram Narain on sarangi, Amjad Ali and K.Sridhar on sarod, Nikhil Bannerjee on sitar and Zia Mohiuddin Dagar on rudra veena as well as sitar.

The seven albums with links to Country & Eastern are:
901 Ram NarainRaga Puria-Kalyan
902 Amjad Ali KhanRaga Shuddh-Sarang/Raga Piloo-Kafi SOLD OUT
903 K. SridharRaga Madhukauns/Raga Piloo
904 Nikhil BannerjeeRaga Piloo
905 Nikhil BannerjeeRaga Desh
906 Zia Mohiuddin DagarRaga Gangeyabushan
907 Zia Mohiuddin DagarRaga Mishra Bhairavi on sitar

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