2007 – 2013 BENT / BE FIVE

Posted May 30, 2017

One of the small nice groups I had together with trumpetplayer/composer Bengt Ernryd was BENT (photo by Thomas Gidén) between 2007 and 2009. This was a quartet with Fredrik Nordström on alto and tenor and Patrik Thorson on bass. We never released any album but here is Bengt’s “Blues For E.D.”

A couple of  years later Bengt formed a group with the Berger Knutsson trio plus Mats Öberg, Be Five. Here is a piece from an early concert we did at Fasching. We play my tune Babel Twist that was called Babels Torn (Babel’s Tower) at that time.

We actually did an album self titled Blues for E.D., it might be out of print, at least I don’t have a copy.

BE FIVE LIVE! “Blues for E.D.” Gazell GAFCD_1114

These groups were preceded by Bengt Ernryd Quartet with Ivar Lindell and Björn Hellström.

Bengt Ernryd Quartet

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