2018-19 BKSS – India

Posted November 9, 2018

Akkarai Sisters came back to Sweden as the first leg of this project that will hopefully have the second leg when we visit India fo concerts next winter.

As before, Subhalakshmi and Sornalatha were accompanied by the brilliant percussionists Jayachandra Rao on mridangam and Shreesundarkumar on khanjira.

This time we had a smaller group from our side, Berger Knutsson Spering Schultz and it was of course lovely to make music together. We played three concerts together, in Gothenburg, Umeå and Stockholm and after that they played two Karnatic classical concerts, one at the Re:Orient Curious Classics in Uppsala and one at Alice in Copenhagen.

Here is the opening piece from the Karnatic concert in Uppsala, a Varnam composed by their grandfather Suchindram S P Sivasubramaniam, Varuga varugave in ragam Valaji, Adi talam:

This tour was partly possible thanks to support from Kulturrådet.

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