Don Cherry: Eternal Now

1969-1995 Don Cherry

Don, Christer Bothén and myself recorded for two days in the Decibel Studio in Stockholm, Sweden on April 30 (tracks 2-4) and May 1 (tracks 1 & 5), 1973. Agneta Ehrström and the great Bernt Rosengren participated on some tracks.


  • Cover [Front Cover Tapestry] – Moki*
  • Engineer – Göran Freese
  • Photography By [Back Cover, Front Cover] – Rita Knox
  • Photography By [Back Cover] – Gunnar Smoliansky, Paul Gerhard Deker, Toni Roos
  • Producer, Liner Notes – Keith Knox


A1 Gamla Stan – The Old Town By Night – Performer [H’suan, Dastar], Gong, Don Cherry – Temple Bells [Tibetan Bell], Kalimba [African Finger Piano] Bengt Berger 8:30

A2 Love Train – Piano Christer Bothén, Piano, Gong, Don Cherry – Temple Bells [Tibetan Bell] Agneta Ernström, Bengt Berger, Bernt Rosengren 7:40

A3 Bass Figure For Ballatune (Two Pianos And Three Piano Players) – Composed By  Christer Bothén, Piano: Bengt Berger, Christer Bothén, Don Cherry 3:45

B1 Moving Pictures For The Ear – Composed By, Ngoni [Dousso N’koni] Christer Bothén, Mridangam Bengt Berger, Scraper [Dousso Kynia]Agneta Arnström*Vocals, Harmonium  Don Cherry 9:40

B2 Tibet – Cymbal [Tibetan], Bells [Small Bells] Bengt Berger Temple Bells [Tibetan Bell] Christer Bothén, Trumpet [Rkan-dung], Voice, Gamelan, Gong Don Cherry 8:00


Recorded at Studio Decibel, Stockholm, Sweden.
Tracks A2 to B1 recorded on April 30, tracks A1 and B2 on May 1, 1973.Title on label: “The Eternal Now”
Agneta Ehrnström is credited in the tracklist as Agneta Ernström and Agneta Arnström.Rereleased 1981 with different cover art as Tibet (Piccadilly Records, PIC 3515).

Tågarp Beche Don Eagle-Eye Christer-Eternal Now

The original Sonet album was rereleased in 1996 as a double cd album together with Live Ankara as The Sonet Recordings (Verve 533 049-2)

Don Cherry -The Sonet Recordings

At Baltimore Kissa Society you find a site with a great article about Moki Cherry and her art, especially as an integrated part of Don Cherry music world.