Chapter Seven: Thums Up

1988 Chapter Seven

Thums Up is named after the Indian soft drink (spelled like that) is the one album by Chapter 7, a Swedish jazz group from the late eighties. Our cd was released by Caprice Records (CAP 21361) and won a Swedish grammy.
We were:

Thomas GustafsonRoland Keijser and Lennart Åberg, saxes;
Nils Landgren, trombone;
Two double basses: Anders Jormin and Sergei Muchin;
and two drummers: Anders Kjellberg and Bengt Berger.

When we did a concert at a Swedish jazz festival we rented tuxedos:

We did a live concert at Fasching that was televised by Swedish national television. By then Ivo Nilsson had replaced Nisse Landgren. Here is a series of videos at YouTube from the concert. Among other songs we play two Dollar Brand pieces, The Opener/Closer by Ornette, Harry Lime Theme and Telisirama by Saint Tyagaraja.