[1999 - AMIGO 902]

Amjad Ali Khan: Raga Shuddh-Sarang /Raga Piloo-Kafi

1999 Amigo's 900-series of Indian Classical Music

Amigo 902 Raga Shuddh-Sarang /Raga Piloo-Kafi

Raga Shuddh-Sarang
1. Alap
2. Gat in vilambit Teental
3. Gat in drut Teental

Raga Piloo-Kafi
1. Alap
2. Gat in vilambit Teental
3. Gat in drut Teental

Sarod Maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan is the son of the legendary Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan and comes from a family of great music masters whose artistic lineage goes back five generations. His style is thoroughly original, his greatest contribution to the Sarod is probably to have taken his inspiration from vocal music in forming his recitals and phrasing.

This album was recorded live in Stockholm, october 19, 1980 and was originally released as “Two Afternoon Ragas” on LP.



  1. Raga Shuddh-Sarang - Alap (5:53)
  2. Raga Shuddh-Sarang - Gat In Vilambit Teental (13:20)
  3. Raga Shuddh-Sarang - Gat In Drut Teental (6:01)
  4. Raga Piloo-Kafi - Alap (5:09)
  5. Raga Piloo-Kafi - Gat In Vilambit Teental (11:24)
  6. Raga Piloo-Kafi - Gat In Drut Teental (4:42)


Ustad Amjad Ali Khan sarod
Ustad Sabir Khan tabla
Biswesar Sen tamboura

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The Amigo 900-series of Hindustani classical music is not available in digital format, indeed these 7 cd’s are the last remaining copies of these classical recordings with great north indian maestros.