[2012·GAFCD 1114]

Be Five: Blues for E.D.

2007 - 2013 BENT / BE FIVE

This record is a “one night stand” (sic!) with all its thrills and spills as it always is during 
a live gig. We played three sets at the Glenn Miller Café in Stockholm and you are going to
 hear nine of the twelve tunes we played – and in the same order. It was a tuesday so before the third set some people had to leave “because there is a day tomorrow” – the remaining, as you can hear, still enthusiastic, though…
When mixing I tried to do as little as possible, just added a little reverb and a slight 
compression – the faders were mostly left untouched. 
So, my hope is that this record will give you the feel of being there with us in the audience.
“Sagostunden” means “Time for fairy tales” and was a series (over 100!) of shows for children on Swedish Television, often with Astrid Lindgren as the story-teller. 
“Fem myror-vinjett” is the signature-tune for another very popular and pedagogic TV-series for children of 58 programs (not unlike Sesame Street) called “Five ants are more than four elephants”. “Ensamma Balladen” means “The Lonely Ballad” and Mats’ “Ostöga” would be “Cheese-eye” in English, which has something to do with his disliking of cheese. The meaning of Bengt Berger’s “Flabby Dick” is up to your imagination.
Enjoy! / Bengt Ernryd  
Recorded at Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm 13 december 2011 by Sigge Krantz. 



Bengt Ernryd, trumpet, fluegel horn
Jonas Knutsson, saxophones
Mats Öberg, keys, harmonica, vocal
Christian Spering, bass
Bengt Berger, drums

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Song titles:
Sagostunden (5.48) Composed by Bengt Ernryd. Bengt and Jonas on trpt/soprano. Ensamma Balladen (9.39) by Bengt Ernryd. Fluegelhorn and baritone sax
Flabby Dick (7.29) by Bengt Berger. Trpt, soprano and Mats is the singer!
Fem myror Vinjett (4.38) by Bengt Ernryd. Trpt, baritone sax
Blues For E.D. (12.17) by Bengt Ernryd. Flhorn, baritone sax.
Ostöga (6.00) by Mats Öberg. Trpt, soprano and more vocal by Mats.
A Happy Minor Song (8.48) by Bengt Ernryd. Trpt, alto sax.
625 (5.59) by Bengt Ernryd. Trpt, alto sax.
Minor Blues (8.02) by Bengt Ernryd. Flhorn, baritone sax.