Released on November 3, 2018!

During all of 2018 Beches Brew had the opportunity to play for a small devoted group of listeners at Studio HPKSM in Gothenburg every Saturday afternoon. We decided to record as a lot happened in our music when we played so often. With support from Nikke Ström we recorded at Music A Matic studios with Filip Leyman at the knobs. This is the album.

The West Coast Edition of Beches Brew is mostly a quintet but Staffan Svensson and Viktor joins us sometimes, here they are important voices on two of the pieces, LineSeniL and Mingus.

Big thanks to Nikke Ström and to Georg, Anton and Maja for having us at Studio HPKSM all of 2018.

Apart from this studio album producer Monica Palmeborn did a live recording from HPKSM for the Jazzradion at Swedish Radio. This was broadcasted last summer and as the live music takes different turns compared to a studio recording we decided to release a suite from that as a separate half hour long digital-only album, Gothenburg Live (CEX23). This album is offered free of charge to you who bought the cd. On the cd you will find a password do download or listened to the live album.

Gothenburg Live (CEX23)

Reviews in English: Eyal Hareuveni, Salt PeanutsRaul da Gama, Jazz Journal,
in Norwegian by Tor Hammerø
and Swedish: Peter Sjögren, MONO and DIG Jazz:


  1. LineSeniL (5:06)
  2. Mingus (4:30)
  3. I’m Sitting in the Rain (5:50)
  4. Hanuman Jump (3:04)
  5. Grinding (4:12)
  6. Penye Gahu (4:21)
  7. Kvintessens (1:49)
  8. Gothenburg (3:59)
  9. Jädermeister (3:18)
  10. Flabby Dick (4:07)
  11. Apart (2:48)
  12. Another Song (5:28)

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Here you can download the iTunes booklet

Here is the English Newsletter about these two albums.
and here it is in Swedish.

Stefan Bellnäs, beyzz – Bengt Berger, drums – Thomas Gustafsson, soprano – Sir Thomas Jäderlund, sopranino, alto, bass clarinet – Göran Klinghagen, guitar.
Staffan Svensson, trumpet and Viktor Reuter, double bass on LineSeniL and Mingus.
All music by Bengt Berger
Big thanks to Nikke Ström and to Georg, Anton and Maja for having us at Studio HPKSM all of 2018.
And thanks to our faithful audience that shows up every Saturday afternoon.
Here is one studio recording and one live recording done for Swedish Radio from the spring of 2018.
Recorded on May 5-6 at Music A Matic Studios, Gothenburg by Filip Leyman. Mixing by Filip Leyman, Thomas Gustafsson, Bengt Berger
Mastering by Claes Persson, CRP Recordings
Graphic design by Jon Edergren, SPEKTRA
Cover art by Andreas Samuelsson
Produced by Bengt Berger and Nikke Ström
If you bought this CD you are entitled to Gothenburg Live, follow the link at www.countryandeastern.se/gothenburglive
You find the password under the cd.