Karnatic Harmonium


  1. Begda (3:17)
  2. Hamsadwani (20:15)
  3. Sriranjani (16:28)
  4. Puria-Kalyan - ragam (8:58)
  5. Puria-Kalyan - Adi (12:15)


Muthunathesa Bhagvatar, harmonium
K. Shivakumar, violin
P.S. Devarajan, mridangam

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Recorded in Bombay on january 3, 1968

Produced by Bengt Berger

Released by Country & Eastern, august 2009

Cover by Jon Edergren, Electric Boogie

Available in lossless mp3 format only.

All three musicians on this album plays on the Swamy Haridhos albums ce14 and cex14.
Mridangam vidwan P.S. Devarajan has an album of his own, cex03 Mridangam lessons in Adi Talam.