Kummelholmen Sustain Session

On October 14, 2022 at 5 p.m. we release Kummelholmen Sustain Session with a small concert at the site itself. You find it at Vårholmsbackarna 120, 127 44 Skärholmen, very near Vårberg Subway station. We will play inside the cistern but we will only allow 30 people and you need to have protecting clothes. The event is free but if you need one of the ten overalls we have you need to reserv one and pay 200 SEK for it at info@countryandeastern.se

CEX35 Kummelholmen Sustain Session
Lars Almkvist, trumpet; Bengt Berger, percussion; Martin Jonsson, percussion
Recorded at Kummelholmen, June 18, 2022 by Martin Jonsson
Mixed and mastered by Claes Persson, CRP Recordings
Photos by Jan Watteus
Produced by Lars Almkvist, Bengt Berger, Martin Jonsson and Jan Watteus.
Release date October 14, 2022
Graphics by Jon Edergren.
All music composed by Lars Almkvist, Bengt Berger and Martin Jonsson


  1. Part 1 (16:24)
  2. Part 2 (5:41)
  3. Part 3 (6:48)
  4. Part 4 (12:27)
  5. Bonus (1:35)


Kummelholmen is an art gallery on the outskirts of Stockholm that has housed exhibitions by Lars Kleen and William Kentridge among others. It is a former hot water center with an oil cistern with an enormous reverberation. Swedish musicians Lars Almkvist, Bengt Berger och Martin Jonsson decided to see if we can make some slow music in it. So on June 11th in 2022 we climbed into it thru the very small hole dressed in protective overalls and improvised for an hour. Kummelholmen Sustain Session is the result, a suite with four parts and a short bonus track that actually was our first test of the accoustics. We think the result is worth your attention