Live in London 1966


  1. Shuddh Sarang - alap, jor jhala (8:36)
  2. Shuddh Sarang - gat in Trital (29:11)
  3. Pahadi - Trital (19:52)


Sitar Nawaz Ustad Bale Khan comes from an illustrious family of accomplished musicians of Gwalior & Kirana Gharana. Ustad Bale Khan is the second son (out of 7 sitar playing brothers!) of Abdul Karim Khan, son of Sitar Ratna Rahimat Khan , son of Gulaam Hussain Khan. He has two sons, Ustad Hafiz Bale Khan and Ustad Raiz Bale Khan.

More about the family at http://www.sitarratna.com/index.php

Pandit Taranath Rao (photo courtesy Suresh Vyas)

Pandit Taranath (1915-1991) is well known to the Country & Eastern audience and to all tabla lovers. He learned from many great masters including Ustad Samshuddin Khan and has many highly regarded shishyas, some of whom can also be heard on our albums.

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Recorded in a private concert by Bengt Berger

Mastering Claes Persson, CRP Recording

Graphic Design Jon Edergren, Spektra

Produced by Bengt Berger

Digital release only