Mridangam Teachings in Adi Talam: Tirunelveli 1969

I was very happy to release an album of mridangam lessons by my wonderful mridangam guru late Nellai P.S. Devarajan in

Mridangam lessons and demonstration by Mridangam Vidwan Nellai P.S. Devarajan

On tracks 1-5 Mridangam maestro (Vidwan) P.S. Devarajan speaks and plays the basic lessons (Padam) on the mridangam.
On tracks 6-7 he demonstrates basic playing.
On track 8 he speaks the drum phrases (Konnakol) and
on track 9 he plays a solo (Tanni Avartana).
All in Adi Talam of 8 beats, also called Chatusra Triputa Talam.

On Devarajan’s artist page you will find a video of his Konnakol.


  1. ADI - Konnakol (12:26)
  2. ADI - Mridangam Padam 1-9 (8:56)
  3. ADI - Mridangam Padam 10-15 (9:18)
  4. ADI - Mridangam Padam 16-21 (9:09)
  5. ADI - Mridangam Padam 22-24 (10:06)
  6. ADI - Mridangam Padam 25-32 (9:13)
  7. ADI - Mridangam Playing 1 (4:44)
  8. ADI - Mridangam Playing 2 (4:46)
  9. ADI - Tanni Avartana (14:46)


Mridangam Vidwan P.S. Devarajan, mridangam and konnakol (spoken rhythms)


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This album is only available in digital format.

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