[1999 - AMIGO 905]

Nikhil Bannerjee: Raga Desh

1999 Amigo's 900-series of Indian Classical Music

Amigo 905 Raga Desh
1. Alap
2. Jor
3. Vilambit gat in Teental
4. Drut gat in Teental
Recorded in Stockholm november 19, 1975

Virtuoso Nikhil Banerjee, one of this century’s greatest masters of the Indian sitar, passed away in 1986 at the age of 55. Banerjee was widely acclaimed for his intensely individualistic pursuit of the poetry of raga. Nikhil Banerjee studied northern Indian classical music with the sarodist Ustad Allauddin Khan, father of sarodist Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and Annapurna and also teacher of Ravi Shankar and Pannalal Ghosh.

For his second recording he had chosen Raag Desh.


  1. Alap (26:14)
  2. Jor (8:51)
  3. Vilambit Gat in Teental (4:12)
  4. Drut Gat in Teental (13:46)


Pandit Nikhil Bannerjee, sitar
Anindo Chatterjee, tabla
Ratan Mukherjee, tamboura

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The Amigo 900-series of Hindustani classical music is not available in digital format, indeed these 7 cd’s are the last remaining copies of these classical recordings with great north indian maestros.