1972 - Spjärnsvallet

Spjärnsvallet (MNW 57P) 1976

Spjärnsvallet was formed in the early seventies when Bengt Berger, who had studied music in India (and was on his way to Ghana), met Christer Bothén who had learned in Mali (and was on his way to Morocco) for a long collaboration with Don Cherry starting 1973 in New York where INNOCENCE is recorded. This was the starting point for the group with Nikke Ström and Kjell Westling. In 1975 we recorded the minor classic album Spjärnsvallet together. Some material that was not released then or was shortened to fit the LP format makes up the rest of the 2014 release of the Again and Again album plus a recording the three of us did just now. The Gothenburg label Omlott did a vinyl issue as well: