[1999 - AMIGO 906]

Z.M. Dagar: Raag Gangeyabushan


  1. Alap (19:40)
  2. Jor, Jhala (25:25)


Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar, rudra veena
K. Sridhar, tamboura

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Here is the original french LP-cover from the first release of Raag Gangeyabushan, at that time called Mangeyabushan:

and here is Ustad in the classical position with his rudra veena, a position he was not able to have in concerts since his been was much bigger than the instrument in earlier times:
The Amigo 900-series of Hindustani classical music is not available in digital format, indeed these 7 cd’s are the last remaining copies of these classical recordings with great north indian maestros.