[1999 - AMIGO 907]

Z.M. Dagar: Raag Mishra Bhairavi on Sitar

1999 Amigo's 900-series of Indian Classical Music

Amigo 907 Raag Mishra Bhairavi on sitar
1. Alap, Jor, Jhala

Before Ustad had constructed his giant rudra veena he played the sitar, and what a sitar player he was! Very few people have heard him play the sitar and there are no recordings besides this one.This Mishra Bhairavi was recorded at one of the sunday concerts he held in his house in Chembur every week. It was first released on LP in Sweden but here is the original one long track.


  1. Alap (23:52)
  2. Jor, Jhala (21:42)


Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar, sitar
K. Sridhar, tamboura

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This is the very original LP-cover from the first swedish release of Ustad’s Mishra Bhairavi on the MNW label:

And this is Ustad in whose hands the sitar looks like a toy:

The Amigo 900-series of Hindustani classical music is not available in digital format, indeed these 7 cd’s are the last remaining copies of these classical recordings with great north indian maestros.