1988 Chapter Seven

Posted February 13, 2017

This is Chapter 7, a jazz group from the late eighties. Our cd Thums Up (CAP 21361) was released by Caprice Records in 1988 and won a Swedish grammy. 

(CAP 21361) Released in 1988
We were:

Thomas Gustafson, Roland Keijser and Lennart Åberg, saxes;
Nils Landgren or Ivo Nilsson, trombone;
Two double basses: Anders Jormin and Sergei Muchin;
and two drummers: Anders Kjellberg and Bengt Berger.
Listen to our version of a piece from La Belle Helene by Offenbach.

We did a live concert at Fasching that was televised by Swedish national television. By then Ivo Nilsson had replaced Nisse Landgren. Among other songs we play two Dollar Brand pieces, The Opener/Closer by Ornette, Harry Lime Theme and Telisirama by Saint Tyagaraja.

Here is the opening piece, “Greed is the mother of violence”

Here are all of the videos at YouTube from the concert.

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